Beemorph Screen Shot


The main program window at the top left controls the program and stores the data. The graphic window at the bottom of the screen shows the bee wing which is being analysed. The navigation window (top right) shows the area of the scan visible in the graphic window (in this case the third wing in the first column). The guide window shows which point to click next (in this case the first point of the next wing.

Hover over the screen for a brief description of each element of the program.

Navigation window to help you find your way araound the scanGuide window shows next point to clickGraphic window shows scan of wingData table stores co-ordinates of wing pointsAccess menusExits the programKeeps the navigation window on top of other windowsOpens the navigation windowKeeps the guide window on top of other windowsOpens the guide windowExports the data to an analysis spreadsheetSaves a data fileOpens a data fileClears the data tableLoads a graphic file